What we do ?


Progressively maintain extensive infomediaries via extensible nich. Capitalize on low hanging fruit.

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Progressively maintain extensive infomediaries via extensible nich. Capitalize on low hanging fruit.

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Progressively maintain extensive infomediaries via extensible nich. Capitalize on low hanging fruit.

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What Do We Deal In?

Our spadework and services mainly include getting a hold of scrap metals products for recycling Industries and manufacturing companies who incur a lot of challenges while in a quest of finding these. For some of our customers we procure the material as per their customised requirement which consists of composition reports that examine and explain their needs with a decent description of requirements. Having worked with a lot of companies in various industries; we are not greenhorns when it comes to offering first-rate metal trading and processing services. Therefore, counting on us is what our customers generally do whenever they need of Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals and Alloys.  To achieve our customer’s target within a given period of time, taking the help of our team consisting of multi-talented employees we get progressive and ground-breaking results.

Our Products

We strive to make a significant contribution towards resource management and conservation by providing raw material, in the form of scrap, to recycling industries in India and across the globe.







Method of working

We work as an indentor cum sole agent for our virtuous customers by procuring materials all across the world for our good buyers . Our working process comprises a two-way beneficiary working process where the benefit of work is rectituded by all the complying participants. As a Surat city known as diamond city and this entity based in India’s 9th highest GDP contributed city we are here to facilitate and arrange our registered long term relationship customers who are having a good track record with our company to deal in multiple ways with our suppliers in terms like LETTER OF CREDIT, SBLC, FAS, FOB, CNF and CIF.

Our connections and the City we work

Our contented customers describe us as an eminently illustrious acquirer of metal scrap and other various scrap based on market needs.We are an international Indentor company based in Surat interested in downstream for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metal scrap procurement and distribution, with activities ranging from the collection and processing of scrap metal through of the marketing and distribution to a wide range of Scrap metal products to manufacturers. We are Based in Surat, which is known as business hub of choice, we are located at the junction of the major trade routes between the East and the West. By leveraging the world-class infrastructure and strong supporting cluster of commodity banks, logistics and shipping firms, risk management centre, liberal trade policy, free economy and competitive tax rates, we offer an extended competitive advantage to better serve metal consumers. We generally manoeuvre as an authentic and ethical indenter for our numerous clients and a sole agent for some clients which indeed are divided in multiple divisions of our entity. We provide specialized and advanced services pertaining to procurement of metals and then provide the same to those who are in dire need of so. Taking care of affordable and market prices, we provide sumptuous solutions to our customers. Our business holds great global efficiency and regards.