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We Are An International Metal Based Company Located In Surat A Heart Of Gujarat Interested In Downstream For Ferrous And Non-Ferrous Metal Scrap Procurement And Distribution We provide specialized and advanced services pertaining to procurement of metals and then provide the same to those who are in dire need of so. Metalet International Pvt Ltd. provides a competitive advantage with its customer-driven advanced solutions that optimizes your needs. India is our national market followed by other count.

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Surat, also described as diamond city and textile city .In upcoming time there is vast change and suddenly it can be known as metal hub of india due to industries growth and connectivity for the travellers and visitors.Surat ranked 9th in India with a GDP of 2.60 lakh crore in fiscal year 2016 ($40 billion in 2016). Surat GDP in 2020 will be around $57 billion estimated by The City Mayors Foundation, an international think tank on urban affairs. Our base in Surat ensures that we are highly connected with the national as well as the global market and therefore conceal the best of the products for our beloved customers. We are Globally Connected which Contributes to the well-being and mobility of expat partners and consequently to the success of our company.Surat won the Netexplo Smart Cities Award 2019 with UNESCO in the resilience category. Surat’s mayor will receive the award at the UNESCO House in Paris, France in March next year.Surat will be the world’s fastest growing city from 2019 to 2035, according to a study conducted by Economic Times. The city registered an annualised GDP growth rate of 11.5% over the seven fiscal years between 2001 and 2008. Surat was awarded “best city” by the Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems (ASICS) in 2013.

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Our Mission

Stating our mission gives us the prolific paradigm of giving insights of our intended ideas. We thrive to accelerate the advent of sustainable procuring of metal by bringing compelling buyers and sellers together as soon as possible. Our prime priority consists of the idea of us being reasonable to our customers and serving them with all their requirements being met properly. We desire to be the catalyst in communities of customers, contributors, and partners creating better procurement facilities for the open-source way. Our zeal to grow and reach new heights has resulted in us facilitating the pathway for our clients, associates, and the customers for who we act as a Sole indenter through the provision of a full range of highly competitive ferrous and non-ferrous products and services; in so doing, we seek to be the provider of choice.

Our Vision

Our voguish team works on a principle of three to make our ultimate dream of achieving customer satisfaction an exemplary reality. This includes quality, service and commitment. We uphold the finest supply and supplier who upholds quality of metal that we get our mitts on for our esteemed clients. To us, great service means a seamless experience for our customers – a quality product, collected efficiently, transported reliably and delivered on time. We are committed to our morals and principles of keeping strong command with micromanagement on all our work.

Quality Assurance - Metalet

Our firm incarcerates regards for distinction of work and superlative results. For our treasured clients we work ceaselessly to impart paramount arial character of operations and even manifest trade in the domestic market. We undertake onsite inspection where our business associates or our counter part of origin are present to verify the material according to the commitment. Our acquired products are globally extolled and nationally renowned. Our success has been achieved through the adoption of a collaborative, open and ethical internal culture. The company has an experienced and skilled management team and workforce whose commitment is reflected in its swift growth. Growth and strong market positions have been achieved through sincere efforts, teamwork, time management, dedication and investments. The company also places great importance on research, quality control and product development, including sourcing technology from overseas and employing it effectively. Metalet International Pvt Ltd. is committed to produce quality products and services, providing value for customers & employees with rewarding careers. Today, the company stands as a major force in the Recycling industry and a key contributor to the economy.